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there is nothing impossible in the world, everything can be negotiated and discussed. so we will have happiness together

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Sometimes we have problem or something that doesn't match with our needs, but there is no problem that can not be overcome, no matter how the problem is, there must be a way out

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We will always provide wholehearted service in accordance with our main duties and functions. Most customers are satisfied with our service so far.

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Modatama Global Logistik Is dedicated to provide exceptional cargo shipping services that meet and exceed our client’s need and expectations.

Our Commitment to make efficient delivery, excellent customer service, and continuous improvement ensures that your cargo reaches its destination smothly and securely.

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One Stop Logistics Services

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Arrange Cargo Vessel From Port to Port
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Arrange Land Transportation /Trucking from door to Port
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Provide The Space for cargo loading and store inside for the rest
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Arrange All Documentations for export or import requirements
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Buying Agent

Be a Representative Agent to arrange the order and payment

Why Choose Us ?

We have worked in te world of logistics since 1997, so we have gone through a lot of experience and things,  both good or bad, related to shipping of goods. So, we will be able to handle shipments better, and avoid  potential problem that might occurred.

We have logistics service that will work it easily for customers who don’t have an export licence, who don’t have a warehouse, or who want to entrust payment through our export company bank, to be paid to suppliers or sellers, so that it will be same between documentation and bank account of beneficiary name.

Making price and service as a guide to happines between modatama and its customers