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    Contact Info

    Phone: +62-291 596512
    Mobile: +62-812 2936 531

    Jl Soekarno Hatta Tahunan KM 06 Jepara Central Java – Indonesia 59425

    Email : info@modatamalogistics.com

    VISION :

    To become the largest Freight & Logistics services company in Jepara and in cities with the potential to be hubs for export, import, and domestic traffic.




    1. Renovate of Dream / mindset aligning to the need.
    2. Building Strong Teamwork and Sales Team:
    3. Establish a good and efficient Work Systems:
    4. Opening new branches in Potential Areas
    5. Strengthening Business Networking with External Partners:
    6. Serve customers wholeheartedly.

    Core Values at Modatama Group Company

    Integrity : Uphold to doing the right thing, even when no one is watching, being responsible, honest, transparent, positive thinking, and committed to doing the best for customers, colleagues and the company.

    Innovate: Taking creative ways to solve problems or difficult situations, willing to take calculated risks, and find new ways to advance the company.

    Collaborate: Do Collaborate with individual and other parties in order to achieve mutual progress, both with internally and externally to the company.

    Growth: Have the drive to continually improve ourself and the company, recognizing that growth is based on mutual success.

    Familial Bond: Relationships are formed fluidly and close way akin to siblings, thus creating a sense of mutual belonging , mutual love and support between one another