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How to Keep Your Boat in Top Shape For Off-Season Storage

As boaters, we rely on trained marine technicians for regular boat maintenance and preparation for winter storage. From engine tune-ups and battery replacement to more complex system repair, a qualified technician can perform these services quickly and professionally – providing tools and parts not available at home which makes your time on the water enjoyable and keeps your vessel running as efficiently as possible.

As soon as you purchase your boat, it’s essential to introduce yourself to your local marine service department and team as quickly as possible. Your salesman should assist in this regard by introducing you directly. Doing this increases the chance that service work can be completed promptly when required – although many dealerships prioritize new-boat customers by prioritizing them in service lines; but remember other customers could still be ahead of you in line!

Marine service managers usually explain that demand for services varies based on region, climate and time of year. When boating season is short, owners in town want to bring in their vessel for servicing as soon as they can during this short window of opportunity – creating significant pressure on service departments that often leads to long wait times for popular services.

Boat owners in warm climates will likely find that their need for boat service is spread out more evenly over a longer season, giving the technician enough time to identify and repair problems before they become critical. Still, initial demand could still be quite high when everyone launches their vessels into the water at once.

Review your boat’s maintenance schedule regularly in your owner’s manual or on its manufacturer’s website, to get an exact idea of when an inspection and possible servicing are necessary. Also ensure any repairs you need done at an authorized marine service center to avoid invalidating any warranties or leading to more expensive problems in the long run.

On your inspection list, make sure to inspect for disintegrated anodes (which disintegrate over time and can negatively impact underwater machinery), all signal lights are working correctly and trailer tires have enough air. Don’t forget to inspect the hull for scratches, dents or any damage which might occur in transit or storage – these factors could greatly compromise its integrity and reduce its value.

An inspection walk-around is an invaluable way to make sure your boat is prepared and safe for its next outing. Don’t forget to inspect its interior as well, checking cushions for tears, deck cracks and wire chafing; as well as waxing and polishing your vessel which not only improves its appearance but will protect it from the elements.

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